Theorie: Opsomming van Principes en Effecten

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The Pattern
The Pattern is the structure that defines all of reality no matter the perspective. It is literally the pattern of the multiverse. All that exists no matter on what level is a part of the pattern, and there is nothing that exists outside of it, except for The One.

The Source
The Source is the power source from which all astral energy is spawned (all the light), It is the place where the gods reside and it is also where they get all of their powers and knowledge. It is also the place from which the spirits that are living have grown from.

The One
The One is something that is the most unfathomable thing in existence. It is that which made the Pattern form and it spawned the Source. It is not an entity and it has no consciousness that can be compared with any spirit or living being. It is unbound by time and space, for it is outside of the pattern, beyond the spiritual plane and even beyond the source. The one is the thing where spirits go to and come from as they reincarnate. The one takes away their experience and transforms them into a clean soul.
If to be represented visually the one is likely to present itself to us as a big ball of energy comparable to the sun. However it is not made out of material or fire. Being confronted with the one is a unique thing that is only destined for the living and reincarnating.

The Astral Plane
The Astral Plane has many names; Astral space, the spiritual plane. It is the place where the corporal unbound beings originate from. Both light and dark beings of the highest kind reside here.
It is in the darkness of the spiritual plane (the hells) where the demons live and accumulate their powers.
It is in the light of the spiritual plane (the heavens) that the Gods reside and accumulate their power. All the powers come from the source. The Source resides in the spiritual plane. The spiritual plane has no concept of space. It is defined rather by frequency. Darkness has a different frequency as the light.

The Shadow Realm
The Shadow Realm is that place which is the border between the Astral Plane and the Material Plane. It is the place where all entity's manifest itself more physically. It is there that shadows and ghosts, and sometimes other spirit types reside, when in between reincarnation cycles. Spirits that are in the shadow realm can easily be seen by people with ghost sight. Also sensitive people can sense spirits that are near them in the shadow realm. Time is constant here. But space is semi-relative. Spirits can go from one space to another in a matter of seconds, but they are spatially present at all time if in the Shadowrealm.


The Spirits
There are many kinds of spirits, especially in the shadow realm, of which some are very mystical and seem to be spiritual life forms of their own that 'live' on energy.
The main spirits that concern humanity however are The Gods, Demons, Angels, Dark Angels, Good Spirits and Shadows.
The Gods are spirits that are ancient and most of them existed before human life form existed. They witnessed our evolution and noticed how life tapped into the source to form the spirits of the living. The gods intervened with the living. They appointed angels that where originally constructs of their own mind, and later appointed dedicated spirits of the living. During periods where some of the gods where among the living beings (possessing them mostly) they created demons as mind constructs to serve their other side (as they grew more earthly balanced while inside humans). This is how demons where created. And demons eventually became powerful enough to appoint living spirits themselves to become dark angels. It is rare but technically possible for an Angel to be crowned a God if the gods are willing to share a part of the source permanently. This is extremely rare and often requires extreme events or important spiritual revolutions.
Dark Angels can be turned into Demons, and this happens more often then crowning of gods. Thus demons generally have less power and fight among themselves to gain more. (more details of this are unknown to me)
Underneath the demonic and divine beings are the rather normal spirits, the good spirits (like your dead grandma that protects you) and shadows. Both of them are untied to the service of demons or gods, but they have there own path of light or darkness before they return to the source to reincarnate.
Gods, Demons, Angels and Dark Angels do not return to the One! They never reincarnate! They are tied to the source for all eternity, however when a angel or dark angel is released from service it will be able to turn into a living being once more.

Spiritual Constructs
A spiritual construct is a being that is created from the mind of a living being or a spiritual being.
The stronger the being the more powerful the construct is.
Constructs can be tied to their creator, but if given self awareness they may tend to become separate and self sustaining beings. Young people often create constructs from their powerful imagination. This is how poltergeists are formed and sometimes people can even become haunted by their own constructs, not knowing it it they who created them.
I believe Demons where originally created by gods in this manner, there is no certainty of this, but the interactions between god spirits and demons showed me they had a servant type relationship, which was for me a faint clue that god spirits may have indeed created the demons.

God-Spirits and Self Created Gods
Gods will always be a difficult subject for many people. There are so many angles on what God or a God is.
This is because Gods are 2 different things.
God-Spirits and Self Created Gods.
God-Spirits are spirits that live very close to The Source, they are entities that are not able to actually come out of the source entirely because they are bound to it. Their blood is the purest of energy's that emanate from The Source. If they leave it they dissipate. However they may be able to use spiritual constructs (avatars) or Angels to communicate and act for them.
Self Created Gods is an entirely different matter. It is something that has been done by mankind through their entire history. A group of people takes a set of elements that are important to them and reflect upon their understanding of the workings of the universe, and make a personification of it. This becomes a god to them. They give character to it and try to make a history reflecting upon important elements of their culture. This Self Created God may gain so much energy from the people that worship, that it becomes a conglomerate of energy. Like an amoeba it is a simplistic force that people can reflect upon. It responds to and guides the energy's that it's worshipers insert into it.
Now here comes the part that is essential to the complete understanding of the gods.
When a self created god is formed, a God-Spirit or either demon may see potential in the essence gathered by its worshipers, and can decide to assume its identity to manifest and communicate with the people that worship it!
This means that a god or demon can meld into the creation and assume its form and identity. It will use this position to try and achieve its personal goals. And the more those goals come together with the Self Created God's personality the stronger the manifestation may become. It will feel at home. 

Ghosts are spirits that are not aware they have died. They are like humans driven by the balance of earthly desires and unearthly visions. However because they have no body they are less stable and less capable of change compared to living beings. Once aware what it is a ghost will transform into a spirit and enter a path of darkness or light, or decide to go straight back to the source and reincarnate.

Shadows are spirits that are aware they are dead and they refuse to return to the source. They prefer to stay as they are and are usually tormented by negative experiences or delusions they have accumulated when they lived or as they died. Shadows are dark, and can often been mistaken for Demons. However, they do not have any kind of powers that real demons posses. They feed on the negative energy of the living and try to do minor things to create the negative energy in the living (annoying it with unlikely small accidents or usually bad timed anger release)


Nodes are places in the earths crust where the power of the core of the earth are stronger and can penetrate all the layers of the earth. Places where nodes are are usually very tense to be in, and there is an atmosphere of rough pressure and power that often cause anxiety or anger. Spirits, and especially dark spirits feed on these places, unless something in the soil or special objects transform the power emitting from the nodes. An old oak for example can become a powerful transmitter if growing on the center of a node.
If a big Quartz Kristal is put in the center of the node, the powers will also be transformed into a softer and lighter energy. There are some other techniques and even spells to transform powers of nodes.
A common example of a node is a place where underground currents are, subterranean rivers. These rivers seem to have a strong effect enhancing the magnetic field of the planets core, like a conductor. I have been told that places where these nodes are located often become a place where vine-plants grow wildly and are nearly impossible to remove. Taking this to hart, the saying that houses that have been swallowed by vines often have spiritual activity inside of them can be considered to be more then a simple superstition.

Exorcism is a process that includes using a great deal of power of the light, to purge a person that has a demon or dark angel possessing or sticking to them. It can be done in many different ways but it always requires the person possessed to completely open themselves often also giving the possessor the opportunity to take over. If the exorcist does not use enough power to remove the demon at that time, the person may become more weakened.
Exorcism can be aided with the help of certain stones.
Labradorite is well known as an aid in exorcism, and Quartz is also very handy to use as a energy transformer.
A person is vulnerable to possession when they are in a state of depression or weakness in combination with a great sensitivity. People can also be possessed by light entity's but this is not so common compared to dark possessions and the light possessor will usually leave their possessed on request, although sometimes they are persistent to only leave until the time when they have completed their personal goal they have set themselves to at the moment of posession.

Power Momentums
A power momentum is a moment which is experienced by people who are confronted with something that they would usually not know what to do. They will feel a great urge to perform a mystical act to which they often do not know what it will do exactly. In these moments gods or angels and or good spirits may appear visually or in the mind of the one having the momentum, telling them to do it, and also giving them extra strength and self confidence.
It might be that there is also a dark power momentum possible where demons will encourage you to do dark acts. I remember having experienced this, and it is not something that has a happy ending if submitted to.
Power momentums can include anything, but often have to do with a persons making an important choice in his or her life that will determine the direction of light or darkness that they will pursue...

Blight is a residual energy of a person who has performed dark/unholy acts. Blight can be felt and sometimes even smelled by others. It will give a sense of deterioration and bad luck. People may not even be aware that they have done a bad thing and carry blight non the less.
Only redemption can remove the blight lingering around a person. Redemption can be widely interpreted, but in this case it means that the person must open up to himself and connect his soul with his deeds and thus reflecting upon his actions and his own identity. This can be a tricky process. If the redemption is not done thoroughly then a person can become driven by lust of darkness.

A Sorcerer is a person who dedicated himself to understanding the arcane and use magic directly from the source. Sorcerers prefer to use natural powers like Reiki and empathy over things like wish spells or using spirits to perform tasks
In contrast to Wicca and other magic using ways sorcerers are minimalists when it comes to ritual or using tools. Sorcerers use focus and purpose as their sole tool.
Sometimes when weakened or uncertain a sorcerer can use tools to strengthen himself and the magic he uses.

Sleepers and Awakened
The Sleepers are those who spiral inwards into their own repeatedly reinforced vision, unconnected and imprisoned on many levels, irresponsible towards the outside world and often driven by traumatic events that caused them to ego-centralize.
The Awakened are the open of hart, aware of the dynamics of reality and what the future will lead to, bringing the responsibility upon themselves to reveal all that which is trying to be kept hidden and thus connecting themselves on a deeper level to the world.

updated 11 March 2009